Cotswold Water Ski Club is a ‘members club’ – access is restricted to members and their guests.  Joining as a boat owning member involves buying a share in the lake through GML Ltd, a separate company.

GML currently have shareholders who wish to sell to new owners.

-Enjoy, unique skier owned facilities in the attractive Cotswolds.
-Ski, board, foot whenever it suits, on your own water, behind your own boat.
-Stay on site in your low cost sports accommodation.
-Enjoy the top quality slalom course, jump, boarding water, footing section.
-Share in social events at the lakeside club house with enthusiastic, like minded water sports  families who help coach you and your family.

There are no ‘pay to ski’ facilities, or ski lessons open to the public. There is no club boat, so members use their own boats. This gives us a fantastic ski-when-you-like facility (recreational and dedicated slalom/jump).

So, how do you get to ski or ride at the best ski club in the UK? Well if you know a member who will give you a tow then you can come along as his/her guest (guest fees apply) or can join as a ski member (£184.74 per year, £54.34 juniors). If that is not the case then you need to be a boat owner.

Boat Owner memberships. These are limited to a maximum number and are available to purchase from existing shareholders who wish to sell. The Full Boat Owner membership represents a legal part-ownership of the lake and can only be obtained through a process which is controlled through GML/ Companies House. If you want to find out more then e-mail and someone from GML will be requested to talk you through the simple procedure.  Each year there are a limited number of temporary boat owning memberships made available, for interested potential Boat Owning Members of CWSC, who are not sure about investing in a Greatmoor Lake share. This enables them to experience membership for a limited period, and see how good it is, before they invest.